Reaching youth

A vision for integrity and theology in youth work

Training for Youth WorkIn 1998 Ridley became one of the founding partners of the Institute for Children, Youth and Mission (CYM). This radical initiative has grown beyond all expectations and is now one of the largest full-time youth work training courses in the UK.

At any one time in Ridley around fifty students are learning to walk the challenging tightrope that is youth work. We ask our trainee youth ministers to be self-reflective, to articulate their beliefs and to own their faith. Every student is based in an active placement providing daily face-to-face work with young people, children, and their families. To this is added regular residential intensive instruction at Ridley involving reflective training in a context of regular worship and theological study.

The Institute for Children, Youth and Mission believes in the value of distinctively Christian approaches to work with young people, and that Christian youth work should incorporate good practice from professional education, training and work. To find out more about CYM at Ridley Hall, visit the CYM at Ridley Hall pages on this website.