World engagement

The whole Gospel, for the whole world

One of the key recommendations of the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelisationwas that “mission is from everywhere to everywhere by everyone.” Everything that happens at Ridley today is designed to foster a similar understanding of mission, and we are eager to learn from the gifts and insights brought by the two-thirds world to the Church in the West.

Andrew Norman, PrincipalThe present-day Principal, Canon Andrew Norman, drawing on his experience as the Archbishop of Canterbury's Principal Secretary for International, Ecumenical and Anglican Communion Affairs, is breathing fresh energy into this commitment to the global Church.

Under Canon Norman's principalship, Ridley is expanding its international programme and is actively seeking to enrol students and invite visiting scholars from a broad range of countries and ethnic backgrounds. They bring a new depth and breadth of perspectives, enriching the community as we learn to live out our faith in the light of the beautiful reality that is the whole Gospel of Christ, given for the whole world. 

To find out how our students actively engage in mission through their studies and practical work go to Mission training at Ridley. To read about the roots of our commitment to worldwide mission, read about overseas mission in the Ridley story.