Faith with impact

For generations now Ridleians have been living out their training across Britain and overseas, bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to communities in every sphere of society. Every year, as another 25-35 ordinands leave Ridley, we are witnessing faith with impact on Western culture.

Ridley ordinands

Ridley's core commitment is to provide the substantial and challenging training that will equip the leaders of the future to renew the Church in a post-Christendom land. In the words of Lesslie Newbigin, an outstanding missiologist of the 20th century:

The task of ministry is to lead the congregation as a whole in a mission to the community as a whole, to claim its whole public life, as well as the personal lives of all its people, for God’s rule.

The Gospel in a Pluralist Society (London, SPCK: 2004), p. 238

Throughout its history, Ridley Hall and those formed for ministry here have responded with far-sighted vision to the opportunites of a particular time and context. 

Faith with impact through the centuries

Ridley ordinands

The Whole Gospel for the Whole World

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