...Bridges out

A college missionAt Ridley we believe we are called to be a deep learning resource for the whole Church that is:

Bridges out... to and from the world

Ridley’s longstanding commitment to mission keeps its training outward-focussed (“bridges out”). In a society which is drifting further from its Christian moorings, imagination and enterprise are called for in communicating the Gospel afresh in Western culture.

The Lausanne Congress (a worldwide gathering of evangelicals) has coined the phrase 'the whole Church taking the whole gospel to the whole world'. Ridley sees its calling as helping to fulfil that vision.

Training for pioneer ministry is one of the more recent examples of Ridley's commitment to creative engagement in mission. Our specialised attention to faith in the workplace reflects this commitment - holistic and rooted in faithful Christian discipleship in all aspects of life.

Find out how our students actively engage in mission through their studies and practical work.

A college mission