Our Identity

At Ridley we believe we are called to be a deep learning resource for the whole Church that is:

Tom Wright speaking at Ridley Hall

We want Ridley to be a place where leaders, pastors and scholars are equipped to respond creatively to the missionary challenge of the contemporary world. Central to our identity is our place within the Anglican church. Follow the links below to find out more:

A Community of Prayer

We believe that the power and credibility of ministry depends on us being formed by the Holy Spirit to reflect the character of Christ: the best training for ministry takes its shape within a community of prayer.

Following a week spent with the community, the Church of England's team of inspectors reflected on their experience:

The Ridley community is a genuine praying community and we experienced this ourselves, both being prayed for at the beginning of the inspection visit and throughout the week, and also being aware of students meeting quite naturally to pray for one another and for their other concerns.  Morning Prayer, a weekly ‘quiet hour’, compline, a retreat, the influence of the Simeon Centre, the presence of the chaplain and the Pastoral Tutor system all mean that corporate and individual prayer are the lifeblood of the institution. 

Ministry Council Inspection Report, published 2012