The University of Cambridge

The world-class character of Cambridge as a university city provides a prestigious and resource-rich setting for theological study. Within easy walking distance of the University of Cambridge's Faculty of Divinity and the renowned University Library, and the learning resources they have to offer, Ridley is strategically-placed to offer the academic cutting edge required for 21st-century training of high-calibre leadership for the Church.

The University of Cambridge


Faculty of DivinityOur long and multi-levelled relationship with the University has enriched Ridley throughout its existence. Several of our own teaching staff undertook doctoral studies at Cambridge, and their understanding and experience of its academic environment informs and benefits their own students in turn. A number of Ridley teaching staff are Affiliated Lecturers at the Faculty of Divinity, and those students who are studying courses accredited by Cambridge University (currently a minority of the student body) receive classes taught by both Affiliated and University Lecturers.


Our links with the University of Cambridge additionally provide valuable opportunities for our ordinands to develop their practice in mission. A number of students are attached to College chapels for part of their time at Ridley, while others involve themselves in CICCU, the University's Christian Union.