The Ethos at Ridley

Ridley Hall has an established identity as a vibrant, multi-activity, evangelical Anglican theological college within the Cambridge Theological Federation (CTF).

'E' StaircaseOffering a distinctive ethos and majoring on the training of ordinands, we seek to respond faithfully and imaginatively to the fast-changing dynamics of Church and society, with an alertness to the British and wider global context.

Open Evangelical?

The college is sometimes associated with an 'open' expression of evangelicalism. Labels can be both misleading and illuminating - and this is no exception! To some, the label of 'open evangelical' will suggest an evangelicalism that is 'open' in the sense of ill-defined or lacking conviction. That's not what we aspire to. Rather, for Ridley, open evangelical represents our desire for a confident sense of rootedness in evangelical commitments which at the same time seeks to engage constructively with other traditions and the world around us.

We are unashamedly evangelical in our commitment to the authority of Scripture, the need for personal faith, the uniqueness of Christ and the free gift of eternal life for humankind only through his death on the cross. We recognise the truth of orthodox Christian belief as expressed in the early Creeds of the Church.

We are 'open' in a number of ways:

Ridley and the wider Church

Our core focus on the training of ordinands is integrated with innovative ventures. Many of our teaching faculty, who excel at teaching students, combine this with involvement in these Centres, and with contributing to the wider Church in other ways.

A supervision at Ridley

Ridley offers a dynamic formational context for training ordinands primarily within the Church of England. As an enterprising and well-located hub, with a vibrant residential community, the college is a world-class setting for theological engagement and learning and is a unique resource for the wider Anglican Communion.

For more information, read about our contribution to and engagement with: