Federation life

Holy CommunionThe Cambridge Theological Federation, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2012, provides a wider and ecumenical context for social, cultural and academic activities beyond timetabled lectures and supervisions.

The mainstay of Federation life is our worship together every two weeks on a Tuesday evening, and once a year to mark the Week of Christian Unity students are encouraged to worship in a Federation house other than their own. 

Culture and friendship

Special lectures and day conferences hosted by individual houses are frequently opened up to the other member institutions, and a range of more informal seminars and groups are regularly formed by Federation students.

A recent example is 'mums-in-training', a network of mothers who got together to meet occasionally for social events, to support each other and to talk about issues to do with mothering and training, parenting and priesthood. Social gatherings specifically for international students in the Federation have also been arranged. 

Social and leisure activities

The Federation has a corporate membership deal with the leading Cambridge punt hirers, and in the summer students and staff can take advantage of the resulting discounts and enjoy the city from the river viewpoints offered by this most traditional of Cambridge pastimes. 

Punting in Cambridge

Invitations to in-house events at particular Federation houses are frequently extended to other Federation members, and so Ridley students and staff benefit from a much wider palette of interests than could be offered within a single institution.

Other social events organised at a Federation-wide level punctuate the year and include Burns' nights, sports tournaments and ceilidhs, and are advertised via the weekly FedLife email.