Music at Ridley

As with sporting pursuits, the musical activities on offer at Ridley vary each year with the enthusiasms and talents of the latest intakes of students. But there are a number of music groups that have become very familiar parts of Ridley life. 

The Ridley Hall Gospel Choir

The Ridley Hall Gospel Choir is one such regular feature on the Ridley musical menu. The choir was founded in 2005 when a group of students, staff and spouses got together to take a break from their workloads to 'sing Gospel' and have fun. Since then the choir has given charity concerts at local church venues, performed at Ridley events, and discovered the joy of sharing God's message of hope through music in the context of mission.

Ridley Hall Gospel Choir

From a concert at an immigration reception centre to a mission programme in Hampshire, the Gospel Choir have sought not just to entertain, but to bring something of the joy of the Christian faith into the lives of their audiences. 

Deacon's Blues

The Ridley Hall function band, Deacon's Blues, is run by our Vice-Principal Michael Thompson, and has been a part of college life for many years. The band plays at our two formal college events (The Christmas and Leavers' parties), as well as weddings and gigs in and around Cambridge. They play a diverse and wide-ranging set, from Coldplay to the Beatles!

A changing palette of musical offerings

Playing the keyboardEach year we are blessed with talented students who bring much to the musical life of the college, and wider afield. In the academic year 2012-13 no less than three students released albums - Joel Sales with This is my Home, Jon Lindsay-Scott with With our Words we Praise and jazz singer-songwriter Helen J. Hicks with Mama's Favourite Lullabies.

Mutual interest groups of students and staff naturally arise each year - past groups have included a songwriter's club, and guitar jamming sessions hosted by our Vice-Principal.

Music in worship

musicThere is a breadth of styles of musical worship practised at Ridley, from traditional organ hymns to guitar and band-led contemporary songs. Our chapel services and fellowship groups provide many opportunities for students to offer their musical gifts in service to the community within the context of community worship.

Organists and keyboard players, percussionists, singers, wind and string instrumentalists are all welcomed, and contribute to our services at a level to suit them.