Sport at Ridley

There are many opportunities every year at Ridley to enjoy sport and to find your own way to keep fit and enjoy the company of fellow students and staff.

Some arise from mutual interests of current members of the college - in recent years, for example, a group of students got together to form an informal group to try out the "Couch to 5K" programme, and Pilates sessions have also been popular.

Other sporting activities are very much part of the staple diet of life at Ridley - the pancake race, "Ridley Rules Croquet" in the summer term, and football in the local park once a week.

Ridley rules croquet

As a community, we benefit from our membership of the Cambridge Theological Federation. Football and cricket matches are arranged with other Federation houses (in the sporting arena, it's fair to say that Westcott House is our rival!) throughout the year.

Ridley oarsmenWe also benefit from our status as an Associated College of the University of Cambridge. We have links with a number of University colleges that allow our students to their sports facilities, which include squash and tennis courts. Our relationship with the University also gives opportunity for keen sportspeople to join university clubs - Ridleians have represented the University in rugby, hockey and rowing in the past. And of course we have the Test cricketer and later Bishop David Sheppard among our noted alumni!