The Common Room

In both meanings of the phrase, the "Common Room" could be said to be the heart of the college. As a physical room (just opposite our dining room), it's where we gather every week for the Mission Cake Sale, a staple component of our Community Thursdays. And as the term we use for the student body, The Common Room, it's crucial to what we're about!

The courtyard at Ridley

Social space for the community

The Common Room is very much the 'sitting room' of the college, and as such is kept as available as possible for members of the student community to relax in. It's home to table football, the Common Room Tuck Shop and comfy chairs with TV, DVDs, newspapers, tea and coffee supplies.

The student body

The Common Room is the formal name for Ridley student body, which comprises full-time ordinands, mixed mode ordinands, independent students and students studying for lay ministry. 

Students meet together to study, pray, share, and to participate in different aspects of community life. Fun and fellowship are high on the agenda, and various social and sporting events are organised throughout the year.

Students at Ridley

Books Down Day

On "Books Down Day" once a term, students engage with God in mission to the world immediately beyond the gates of Ridley. Every year is different, with the new intake of students bringing their own ideas and creativity to the day. But a sample of the ways in which the student body has sought to bring and be good news to our neighbours include Besom projects, baking and handing out cookies, holding services in residential homes for the elderly, and interacting with locals via questionnaires on the streets of Cambridge.

The organisation of the student body

Common Room Meetings take place twice a term, and once a year elects students to the Common Room Committee, which is responsible for running the day-to-day business of the Common Room and managing its finances. The elected senior student is known as the Archdeacon, and is responsible for representing and listening to student concerns. A number of 'Deacons' are also elected, each responsible for an area of college life. Explore the tabs below to find out more.

The Common Room Committee

The Common Room Committee, which meets three times each term, is comprised of the following members:

As well as being vital to good relations between various groups within the community, the Committee also allows students to exercise skills and knowledge gained in past careers for the benefit of the community as a whole.

The Deacon System

At the start of Easter term all full-time students returning for the next academic year are elected by the Common Room to take responsibility for an area of Ridley life.

The roles themselves vary from year to year according to the needs of the community and the opportunites that arise from skills that students themselves bring to Ridley. The following deacon roles were assigned in the year 2012/13:

  • Book of Common Prayer
  • Books & Vestments
  • Books Down Day
  • Chapel
  • Community Tasks
  • Council Representative
  • Ridley Crèche & Family Events
  • Hospitality 
  • Meals
  • Mission Link 
  • Mission Partners
  • Multimedia, IT & PA
  • Music
  • Ridley Kidz
  • Social & Entertainment
  • Sports Deacon
  • Student Host
  • Tuck Shop