Internet facilities

Wired access

Every room in Ridley has an ethernet port, which when activated by our Computer Officer, allows connection to Cambridge University's Data Network.

Essentially, the University becomes our Internet Service Provider via a high speed link. For this privilege, Ridley pays an annual fee to the University. Ridley also incurs the costs of maintaining and administering our network. Students who wish to use the network pay a small charge per term for connection and unlimited usage; there is no further charge from Ridley.

Wireless internet in the Seminar RoomIt is usually possible for sabbatical and other guests to be allowed to connect to the network in their guest room; administration normally takes two to three days to arrange this, and there is usually a small one-off charge. Please mention your requirements when your booking to come to Ridley is confirmed.

Wireless access

All students are given a personal username and password to access internet access wirelessly in the library at Ridley. If you are visiting Ridley as a sabbatical or other guest and require internet access in the library, please let us know in advance of your stay and we will apply for a free visitor pass on your behalf.