Meals at Ridley

Our catering staff provide meals for the community in our college dining room every weekday. Students are entitled to a set number of free meals a week depending on their residential and training status:

All guests - both paying and non-paying - are welcome to eat with the community on weekdays. Meals must be booked in advance on your behalf, so please let us know your requirements prior to your visit, when we can also confirm current charges. 

Students' families are welcome to join the Community for lunch and supper on Thursdays

Mission Lunch

On Fridays as a community we have a 'mission lunch' of soup and bread - the money saved is donated to support our Mission Partners.

Special dietary requirements

A wide range of dietary needs are catered for well at Ridley - when you have accepted a place as a student or booked your time here as a guest, we can discuss any dietary needs you have.