Transport in Cambridge

Getting around Cambridge while you study

Ridley seeks to encourage sustainable approaches and activities which help reduce CO2 emissions, congestion and reliance on the motor vehicle. Car parking is very restricted at the college, and by far the best way to get around Cambridge while you are here is to cycle or walk.

In the tabs below we provide information and website suggestions to help you get around the city more sustainably while saving money at the same time. For information on travelling to Cambridge from elsewhere in the country or from overseas, see our Getting here page.


Cycling in CambridgeA bicycle an almost obligatory accessory in Cambridge! You may wish to bring one with you or to buy one when you arrive (and don’t forget your bicycle lock and cycle helmet). There are many new and second hand bicycles for sale around Cambridge and we usually hold an annual sale of refurbished bikes passed on from previous students. We provide covered cycle parking spaces for students and staff on site.

Plan your cycle route for Cambridge and further afield with CycleStreets. Another useful website is the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, set up in 1995 to campaign for the rights of cyclists and to promote cycling in and around Cambridge. For information on cycle park locations in the city and the best routes around Cambridge visit the City Council's cycling pages.

Cycling safety

Every year cycle accidents happen in Cambridge that are avoidable by taking some simple steps to keep yourself safe. But with the roads in use by drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike, unavoidable accidents do happen, and our biggest piece of advice is please do wear a cycle helmet whenever you cycle - head injuries can be life-changing.

CTC, the national cycling charity has tips on their website for cyclists, including how to gain confidence riding in traffic, but the University of Cambridge has also provided advice online specific to Cambridge cyclists. It's provided for their students, but will be relevant and extremely useful for anyone cycling in the city: Cycle safety in Cambridge


Walking in CambridgeCambridge is a great place to get around on foot because it is relatively compact - all the libraries and lecture venues you will need are within walking distance, although you will save time with a bicycle. 

Ordinands are attached to a parish or University college chapel throughout the training, and we ensure those without their own car are placed at a church within walking or cycling distance of Ridley.

The Cambridge Walk It website will generate your route, journey time, calories burned and CO2 emissions saved. It also includes options to choose the most direct route or quieter routes.


The City Centre bus, the Uni4, runs Monday to Friday every 10 minutes from the Madingley Road Park & Ride to Silver Street, which is just round the corner from Ridley. The route also stops at the University Library, the Town Centre and Addenbrookes Hospital, and offers reduced travel for University Card Holders.

The Uni 4 busThe following bus companies operate locally in and around Cambridge:

Online real-time bus information on your PC/mobile phone can be found on the County Council's Cambridgeshire Bus webpage.


Car ownership at Ridley

The car park at RidleyWe ask students who are resident outside of college wherever possible to walk or cycle into college, as parking at the college is limited.

Parking spaces within the zones marked for students are available on a first-come first-served basis and cannot be guaranteed. At the beginning of each academic year all students who would like permission to park in the college are given a parking permit, which allows you to park in college on specified days as required, but does not guarantee a space.

Car Sharing

CamShare is a free online car sharing scheme, enabling users to save money while reducing congestion in the city. It's a free service set up for all those who live, work and travel in and around Cambridgeshire.  This site matches you up with potential partners as a driver or passenger, for a one-off trip or a regular journey.