Living in Cambridge

'The Backs' of CambridgeCambridge has a lot to offer those who live and work here. It's a compact and cosmopolitan city, well served by excellent schools and good public transport.

Like all cities, it has its downsides - the traffic would probably feature in any list of disadvantages. As a medieval city, Cambridge wasn't built for cars! That said, it is a stunning place to walk or cycle around on your daily business. The beauty of its medieval streets, college courts, gardens and bridges over the river Cam are hard ever to take for granted.

Cultural and social life

The city is teeming with the opportunities to participate in social, cultural and leisure activities. With a significant number of concert and recital venues which attract world-class performers, there are chances to enjoy music all year round.

Cambridge is home to a number of well-established festivals. Listing just some of them gives a sense of the amount there is to enjoy:

We are fortunate at Ridley to be located just a couple of minutes' walk from what is widely thought of as the best park in Cambridge for children. Lammas Land has it all in the summer - plenty of space to kick a ball arround in or fly kites, climbing frames, slides and swings, a free paddling pool, the river where you can feed the ducks and geese, a little nature reserve, and parking and toilets on site.

St John's College, Cambridge

Thanks to the University of Cambridge, the city has the country's highest concentration of internationally important collections outside London:

The links below give more information about Cambridge's transport services, its schools and city life: