Lucy Anstey

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Lucy Anstey

Tutor in School Chaplaincy

Lucy is part of the Ridley Lay Ministry team, working to explore the introduction of School Chaplaincy into the courses that Ridley offers.

She is passionate about holistic education and seeing children and young people thrive in school, and believes school chaplaincy can play a key role in enabling this to happen.

Lucy has worked closely with a growing number of school chaplains in Ipswich over a number of years and is delighted to be able to use the knowledge and experience gained through this in her work with Ridley.

Roles Outside of Ridley

In addition to her work at Ridley, Lucy works as Assistant Director for Christian Youth Ministries, based in Ipswich Suffolk.

Lucy trained as a primary school teacher before working on and leading CYM’s outdoor residential programme, going on to move into her current leadership post.

She has a special interest in training and development and how this can be done well on an organisational level as well as for individuals.