Overseas mission

Opening the gates outwards

The Cambridge SevenOverseas mission and a deep awareness of the worldwide Church have been a central part of Ridley's vision from its earliest days. The College's first Principal, Handley Moule, had two brothers who were missionaries in China. He supported many ordinands in their calling to serve God in foreign lands, among them Arthur Polhill-Turner (Ry 1884).

Polhill-Turner was one of two Ridley alumni who were part of a group known as The Cambridge Seven. He left a privileged life in England to devote himself to missionary service in inland China. Ordained priest in China in 1890, he served faithfully in the country for forty years, through turbulent times in its history.

Ridley alumni in IraqSince the very outset of the College's life, Ridleians have ministered in every continent, in war and in peace, from the Middle East to the Pacific Islands. 

Building on the tradition

Handley Moule encouraged his students to consider mission at home in England as vital as mission overseas. This twin emphasis has been passed down to us and continues evolving today. Read more about our current focus on mission training.