Faith in Business Conferences

Our annual Faith in Business conference typically runs from a Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime during the Easter vacation, and involves 35 to 50 people. Our conferences have addressed a range of issues over the years, all of them global, corporate and personal issues within the world of work and business.

The conferences feature top quality speakers from the worlds of business and academia. So come prepare to be stimulated, challenged and to put your own point of view. And you're sure to make friends over a meal or a drink - some will probably remain friends for life! The conference programme is set within the rich context of Ridley Hall's services of corporate worship.

ConferencesConference topics in recent years include:

  1. Motivation in Business
  2. Sustaining a Business Recovery
  3. Christian Faith and Business Practice
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Wholeness at Work
  6. Christians in Consultancy
  7. What Makes Trade Fair?
  8. The Virtues of Business

To be informed of our upcoming conferences as they are planned, please complete our Faith in Business updates request form. Reports on the conferences are published on this website in our Faith & Work resources section and in Faith and Business Quarterly.

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