Workshops with Faith in Business

Richard Higginson

We run occasional one-day workshops with a sharply focused brief for small groups (see example topic below).

Please contact us if you would like to suggest topics for future workshops, or to discuss using our facilities for your own "faith in business" workshop.

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Sample workshop: Social Enterprise

First, this workshop explored the viability of social enterprise as a business model:

Can it raise the finance and deliver the profits necessary to make it sustainable? Most investors are - understandably - hungry for financial returns, while some want their money used to build a better society.  Is this a climate in which social enterprise can flourish? If so, is there any prospect of it becoming the dominant business model?

Second, the workshop explored the contribution of the Christian church:

It is striking how many individuals involved in social enterprise are Christians. But could the church be doing more to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in order to achieve social and spiritual goals? Often the church’s attitude to business is one of indifference, suspicion or hostility. Does the model of social enterprise have a better chance of eliciting the church’s blessing and support for enterprise in general?