Faith in Business + Church Leaders

View into the courtyard at RidleyFaith in Business is here to help support, encourage and equip the leaders of our churches - of all denominations and types - to build on their understanding of workplace issues, and then to use this understanding positively to support their church members and to reach out to men and women in the business world who do not yet know the love of God in their lives.

Church leaders - and working church members

Many leaders in all types of church tell us that they feel ill-equipped to know how best to relate to the Monday-Friday lives of many of their church members. A significant proportion of the minister's congregation may work in fields that lie outside his or her sphere of understanding, or be facing challenges daily which are unfamiliar to the life experience of those who lead and pastor them.  

An untapped mission field

Another common frustration is a sense of powerlessness in knowing how to go about building bridges to the workplaces and companies within the parish. The world of business is so frequently an untapped mission field on the doorstep of the church. However, it can feel a daunting task, particularly to clergy who have not themselves had previous careers in business.

How Faith in Business can support you

The lecture hall at Ridley

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