Faith and Business + Ridley Students

Like Ridley's Simeon Centre, Faith in Business believes strongly that its calling is both for the Ridley community and for the wider Church. And of course, the two are mutually enriching.

Unique opportunities for Ridley students

We give at least two free places on our annual conferences to Ridley students, enabling those with a passion for the issues of faith in the workplace and in the world of business to draw from the fellowship and expertise of delegates and speakers who join us at the college for this event.

Kina RobertshawThere is also the opportunity to get involved as a student in the life of Faith in Business itself. We currently have two students as part of our Management Team. Both are pursuing their own research in this area (Christian entrepreneurship and the churches' response to the global financial crisis), enabling Faith in Business to benefit from and support their work. 

If you are considering training at Ridley, do talk to us when you come for interview or when you arrive if you (or your spouse) would like to explore how you can get involved with the work of Faith in Business during your time here.

Experience and expertise valued

Many students have run businesses or worked in demanding work environments before following a call to ordination. The presence of Faith in Business as an integral part of Ridley gives opportunity for this experience to be acknowledged and valued in the new context to which they have been called. We firmly believe that previous careers have continuing relevance within your studies en route to ordination. 

A deep resource for teaching

Lessons learnt from research and events programmed by Faith in Business are integrated into the regular teaching programme at various points: in the Christian Ethics and the Gospel & Western Culture modules, and through a short end-of-term course on Faith in Business which most Ridley students will take at some stage.

Lectures at Ridley Hall

Read more about how Faith in Business seeks to support you: