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The Call to serve the wider Church

Ridley’s core commitment is to provide the substantial and challenging training that will equip the leaders of the Church to meet the fresh demands made upon ministry. Alongside this, we embrace opportunities to diversify our programmes and activities. Far from distracting the College they complement our core commitment. 

Since the 1980s we have developed innovative programmes and centres which have been established for this very reason: each one has come into being in response to a specific need in society and the wider Church, and at the same time is a gift that enriches the community.

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Newbigin Centre

The Newbigin Centre

The Newbigin Centre aims to attract research students for MPhil, ProfDoc and PhD degrees on themes relating the gospel and Western culture, and to develop resources for the wider church through occasional conferences and seminars, as well as online and research materials.


Faith in Business

Faith in Business

Faith in Business was launched by Ridley to support today’s Christians in the world of work, while at the same time enlarging the vision of our current students for their future ministry.