Theological reflection

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Formation through Theological Reflection

Theological reflection is the activity where we purposefully bring together our biblical and theological understanding and our lived experiences.

Engagement in this type of reflection is both transformative and key in the development of practice wisdom that goes beyond skills and personality. The Ridley course has been designed to support your development of this key skill as a tool for ongoing development, in your area of specialism, that will continue beyond the end of your studies.

"Learning to reflect has been one of the most valuable things I have learnt so far – taking the time to unpack real life, difficult situations that I encounter with young people has made me far more intentional in relationships and ministry, teaching me not only about theological concepts that can breathe so much life into youth ministry, but about myself too.
Year 2 Student

Theological reflection takes place in several spaces, including: assignments, ministerial reflection groups, worship and everyday interactions with staff and peers.


Each module assignment has at least two components, at least one of which will require you t to apply your learning to your reality as a children, youth, or sports minster.

Ministerial Reflection Groups

Ministerial reflection groups provide a facilitated space where you are supported to reflect on your children, youth, or sports ministry, as part of a learning group of peers.

Community engagement

Daily worship, prayer and biblical study enables us to bring all of life into God's presence, while engagement with peers and staff creates a supportive learning community for all.