Ridley Online: Introduction

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Studying with Ridley Online

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Who is this course for?

If you work or volunteer for your church and want to grow in your faith, Ridley Online is designed for you – a flexible online course with a specific focus on serving God through your work with children and young people.

Studying online with Ridley will enable you to develop your theological knowledge, ministerial skill and missional ability.

What qualification will I get?

You can choose to study for either a Foundation Award or the Certificate in Higher Education in Theology, Ministry and Mission validated by Durham University. Successful completion of the Cert HE provides the opportunity to progress onto the BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission taught onsite at our Cambridge campus.

More about the Foundation Award

More about the Foundation Award

The Foundation Award provides an accessible and supportive environment to go deeper in your theological understanding, whether you serve God in the home, the workplace, or in the church.

Delivered across three modules, the typical commitment is one module per term, making it the most accessible course we offer in terms of time commitment and flexibility of study.

On completion of the Foundation Award you can progress onto the Certificate in Higher Education.

More about the Cert HE

More about the Cert HE

Whether you are a volunteer in full-time employment, a full-time parent, or starting out in full-time ministry, the Cert HE will provide the theological and ministerial foundation you need to grow in your calling.

Students undertaking the Cert HE typically work with children and young people in some capacity and undertake study in children's, youth and family ministry, pastoral ministry, discipleship (reflective practice), old testament, new testament and Christian history and doctrine.

For those who don’t wish to focus on youth, children's and family ministry, there is an option to undertake an independent learning project in an area of your choice.

How long does the course take?

Students on the Foundation Award take three modules spread across a year, from September to June. Those taking the Certificate take six modules. Most students take the six modules over two years, but they can also be completed within one year or spread out over three, to suit your circumstances.