Postgraduate theological study

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Postgraduate Study

For those who are looking to deepen their understanding and practice of ministry and mission, Ridley Hall offers part-time postgraduate theology courses with the flexibility to combine weekly classes or intensive teaching weeks.

Which courses are available?

Which courses are available?

There are two courses available on the postgraduate stream of Ridley's Flexible Study programme:

Postgraduate study in theology normally requires at least two years' prior theological study. Follow the course links for further details including specific admissions requirements for particular courses.

When and where will you study?

When and where will you study?

There are three ways you can take modules:

  1. Weekly half-day sessions over eight weeks in Cambridge
    In the Michaelmas (autumn) and Lent (spring) terms, MA teaching takes place over eight weeks in the Cambridge Theological Federation, of which Ridley is a member. The modules are usually taught on one morning or afternoon a week through the term, known as 'Cambridge Centre' teaching.
  2. Supervised modules
    It is possible to take an Independent Learning module in an area not covered by other teaching. This will involve mainly independent study and supervision by an experienced lecturer in that area.
  3. One-week intensives in Cambridge
    It is usually possible to take at least one module (20 credits) via intensive teaching over 5 days.

Further information

To talk to us before you apply, please don't hesitate to contact us.