Our Priorities

When you make a gift to Ridley, either online, or by setting up a standing order or sending us a cheque, you can choose to make your donation unrestricted, or to direct it to one of our restricted funds that support specific projects. Please note that gifts not designated to any fund will count as unrestricted.

Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted gifts allow the College to direct money to the areas of greatest need at any given time.

The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund was created in 2011 as an unrestricted fund to enable the College to aggregate smaller donations to make a significant impact on the College’s current needs. A large number of people giving small amounts can provide a substantial fund which we can use for the benefit of the whole community. In recent years the Fund has supported the Annual Prayer Weekend and the College's wi-fi project, and has contributed towards the ongoing maintenance of our Grade II Victorian buildings. Priorities will vary annually, reflecting changing needs within the College.

To donate now to the Annual Fund, click on the button below or use our donation form (pdf):

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Restricted Funds

Restricted gifts will only be used for the benefit of the project specified by the donor.

Bursaries and Scholarships

You can choose to support our bursaries schemes for home and overseas students. The Student Bursaries (Home/EU) Fund aims to subsidise educational and living costs for those undergoing ministerial training at Ridley. The Overseas Bursaries Fund will be used to assist young Church leaders and those preparing for ministry from abroad to come and study at Ridley. Recent overseas visiting scholars and students have come from Nigeria, Russia, China, Romania and South Sudan.

To donate now to our Overseas Bursaries Fund, click on the button below:

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To donate to our UK and EU Bursaries Fund, click on the button below:

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