Practical experience

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Learning through Ministerial Experience

"The course encompasses so many aspects of life and ministry, rather than being a means of just gaining knowledge." Jess Beaumont, student

Students are placed within an existing ministerial team for the duration of their studies. Most students are placed within a church, but some are placed in Christian charities such as XLP or Romsey Mill.

The ministerial experience is an essential part of a student's learning. It is here where students develop their ministerial skills through ongoing engagement in relevant practice alongside experienced colleagues. It is also here that students develop their practice wisdom through reflection on and in practice.

Year one

In the first year of their studies students typically support others to undertake existing ministry and develop specific ministerial skills relevant to their context.

Year two

In their second-year, students will be given management and leadership responsibilities in line with their specific abilities and the vision of the organisation.

Year three

Those students undertaking a third year of studies will be provided with opportunities to develop specific interests and projects in more depth as they begin to take on oversight responsibility within their ministerial specialism.

Students sitting together in the Ridley courtyard

Support provided

The College staff work closely with the church or charity that students are placed with to help ensure this is both a purposeful and positive experience for all. All students have a placement set up meeting, annual mid-year and end-of-year meetings, as well as ongoing communication throughout the year.