Our approach

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Learning for lay ministry

All students at Ridley Hall undertake in-depth study (in Biblical Studies, Christian Tradition, Ministry and Mission), Theological Reflection and Reflective Practice.

A student's chosen specialism will determine their optional modules, the learning community they are placed in throughout their studies, the topic of several assignments including their dissertation, and the context in which they minister and apply their learning.

A class at Ridley Lay Ministry

Our approach

Studying for lay ministry at Ridley combines three equally important aspects of learning, providing you with a unique and deeply transformative learning experience:

1. In-depth study:

In-depth, biblical and theological study is combined with the study of relevant practice disciplines such as pastoral care, education/discipleship, mission/evangelism, management, and leadership.

2. Theological Reflection:

A safe transformative space, facilitated by highly experienced practitioners, where you can learn alongside peers and wrestle with the realities of applying your learning into practice.

3. Reflective Practice:

Engaging in relevant ministry as part of an existing ministry team where you can apply your learning and develop key skills.