Learning through study

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Learning through study

Ridley Lay Ministry (RLM) students undertake either the Diploma in Higher Education or the BA (Honours) in Theology Ministry and Mission.

Year one

In the first year of their studies RLM students are introduced to key theological topics and study of both the Old and New Testament. RLM students are also introduced to the principles and practice of pastoral care as well as the disciplines of academic study, essay writing and theological reflection.

Year two

In the second year of their studies, RLM students are encouraged to utilize their developing theological and ministerial understanding to develop their thinking in key ministerial areas such as mission, discipleship, management and leadership. RLM students are supported in this task through engagement in further biblical study.

Year three

Students undertaking the BA undertake a third year of study in which they are given the opportunity to further develop their thinking in both their chosen ministerial specialism and an area of particular interest.

The latter is achieved through undertaking a dissertation which also provides an opportunity to develop research skills and skills in extended writing. RLM students are supported in both these tasks through additional study in emotional intelligence, well-being and ethical living.

"The theological input means that I’m regularly challenged in my own faith in a way that stretches me, pushing me out of comfort zones and expanding my thinking and often opening my eyes to so much more of God." Jess Beaumont, student
Robin Barden teaching a lay ministry class