Theology courses for church workers and volunteers

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Theology courses for church workers and volunteers

Explore the option that suits your calling and life:

1. The Ridley Award in Sports Ministry

18 interactive sports ministry podcasts that will stimulate your thinking and inspire you to action:

  • Fully online and self-paced
  • Our most accessible course
  • Learn on your commute or while exercising!

2. Ridley Online: the online course for church workers and volunteers

Weekly Monday evening zoom classes during term time, with self-paced study to undertake in your own time:

  • Fully online and part-time study
  • Foundation or Certificate level
  • Experienced personal tutor

3. Ridley Cambridge: degree-level training for your calling

Study for the BA in Theology, Ministry & Mission while learning on the job in a placement:

  • Six teaching weeks in Cambridge spread out through the year
  • Practical learning in a youth, children's & family or sports ministry placement
  • Learn with like-minded people and supportive tutors