Teaching Centres

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Our Teaching Centres

Ridley Hall has two locations for its teaching. A Cambridge campus and a London teaching centre. Ridley Hall is the Cambridge campus and St Andrews, Enfield is the location for our London teaching centre.

"The block teaching weeks mean that I’m able to completely immerse myself in the modules, with constant support and encouragement from the lecturers, staff and other students. This support, coupled with lectures that are engaging and inclusive, has meant that learning has started to instil confidence in me, as opposed to robbing me of it." Lay ministry student

Which courses are delivered at each centre?

We deliver all our courses at our Cambridge campus. We deliver the CertHE at our London teaching centre.

What learning facilities are there at each location?

Both locations have full access to our library services, including: online, postal and physical copies of all the recommend course books. We have a full complement of teaching staff at both locations and all students are full members of Ridley Hall and the Cambridge Theological Federation.

Students in the Ridley library