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Are you called to sports ministry?

Students specialising in sports ministry may be called to minister through sport or to minister to a specific sports community.

The work may take place in a church, school, community hall, gym, football pitch or other setting, but what it will have in common is the potential to change lives and communities through sharing the gospel message, developing disciples, growing churches, leadership development, personal mentoring and coaching, community transformation and improved health and well-being.

Why sports ministers choose to study here

Why sports ministers choose to study here

Sports Ministry training at Ridley Hall is part of a national initiative to promote sport and well-being as an effective vehicle for evangelism, ministry and ministry within the UK and beyond. Students at Ridley have the benefit of being part of a national network including access to some of the leading academics and practitioners in the field such as Dr Andrew Parker and Graham Daniels.

Applicants have often already been involved in some form of sports ministry and come to Ridley to develop their theological and ministerial understanding, recognising that this will impact all areas of their ministry from outreach and evangelism to discipleship and pastoral care.

What makes a good sports minister?

What makes a good sports minister?

Students specialising in sports ministry can be pastors or evangelists, teachers or prophets. Typically, they have an appreciation of sport as a vehicle for transformation and growth.

They tend to be team players and leaders, able to inspire others to move outside their comfort zones towards a common goal. Extraverted or introverted, they are often able to draw on the multiple aspects of engagement in sport to profoundly offer life giving hope.

How the course specialism resources you for this ministry

How the course specialism resources you for this ministry

All students at Ridley Hall undertake in-depth theological and biblical study as well as modules specific to ministry and mission in their specialism. Students specialising in sports ministry undertake a specific project in Sports Ministry and have a specific focus on sports chaplaincy within pastoral care.

A key element of the student's learning takes place in ongoing ministerial practice. Students specialising in sports ministry will be placed within an existing team/ministry working within a sports context or utilising sport as a vehicle for ministry and mission.

To support deep learning, students are encouraged to theologically reflect on their practice within small learning groups/communities. These groups are comprised of peers undertaking the same specialism in sports ministry.

The groups are facilitated by experts from the field enabling students to develop as reflective practitioners by bringing together: learning from their wider studies; their own experiences in ministry; their faith; and their developing sense of identity as sports ministers/chaplains.

For further information and to chat about whether this might be the degree for you, contact Robin Barden:

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