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Are you called to youth ministry?

Students specialising in youth ministry are called to work with young people of secondary school age as they navigate this formative stage in their lives.

"Starting this degree at Ridley has been an incredible, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable journey for me. I have been passionate about youth ministry and working with young people since I was barely a teenager myself, however I could not say the same for education. I had no desire to study any further after struggling at college and believed it just wasn’t for me.

After four years out of education, whilst leading the youth ministry at my church, I began to crave a greater depth of understanding, knowledge and grounding in youth work that would enable me to go further in the future, and started to look into different study options. I came across Ridley, began the course and already know that it was the best possible decision I could have made."

Youth ministry student

The work may take place in a church, school, community or other setting, but what it will have in common is the desire for young people to experience and grow in their knowledge of God so this may inform and transform all aspects of their lives.

Why youth workers choose to study here

Why youth workers choose to study here

Applicants to Ridley wanting to specialise in youth ministry have often already worked with young people in a church, school or para-church organisation such as XLP, Romsey Mill, The Salmon Centre, or YFC, in a voluntary, part-time, or full-time capacity.

They come to Ridley looking to deepen their theological understanding, recognising that this will impact all areas of their ministry from pastoral care and social action to discipleship and mission.

What makes a good youth minister?

What makes a good youth minister?

Students specialising in youth ministry can be pastors or evangelists, teachers or prophets. Typically, they have an appreciation of and sensitivity to the challenges and opportunities adolescence can bring.

They tend to be good communicators, putting young people at ease and being seen as trustworthy confidants. Extraverted or introverted, they are often able to draw on young people's interests and passions to engage them in positive activities.

How the course specialism resources you for this ministry

How the course specialism resources you for this ministry

All students at Ridley Hall undertake in-depth theological and biblical study as well as modules specific to ministry and mission in their specialism. The modules undertaken by youth ministry specialists at level 4 (Cert HE) include Youth Ministry and Pastoral Care. At level 5 (HE Diploma) they include Leadership, Mission and Apologetics and Discipleship. All students have the opportunity to undertake research in an area of interest at level 6 (BA Hons).

A key element of the student's learning takes place in ongoing ministerial practice. Students specialising in youth ministry will be placed within an existing team/ministry working with and reaching out to, young people.

To support deep learning, all students engage in theological reflection. Theological reflection occurs within all module teaching and in ministerial reflection groups. Students specialising in youth ministry will join a ministerial practice group facilitated by an experienced youth minister.

Youth ministry students in the lecture hall