New Book on Christian Entrepreneurs

IVP has launched the publication of A Voice to be Heard: Christian Entrepreneurs Living Out Their Faith at St Peter's Vere Street in London, the home of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

voice 1

voice 4Written by Richard Higginson, Director of Faith in Business at Ridley Hall, and Kina Robertshaw, former Ridley student and now a curate in Hereford diocese, the book is based on Kina's extensive and up-to-date research with 50 top UK Christian entrepreneurs from a variety of business sectors.

A Voice to be HeardThe book demonstrates and explains the history, motivation and contribution that Christian entrepreneurs are making through their work of producing high quality goods and services, promoting Christian values, witnessing to people in business, and giving generously to worthy causes. It celebrates the work of Christian entrepreneurs but also challenges them, urging them to widen their vision and grasp their role in God's overall mission, and calls on church leaders to recognise, affirm and encourage entrepreneurs in their midst.

Two further book launches are planned, the first in Cambridge on October 20th, and in Manchester on November 21st.

The book is available now on Amazon.