A Wisdom of Reconciliation - C.F.D. Moule Memorial Lecture handout

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A Wisdom of Reconciliation

We are delighted to be able to make available the handout which accompanied this year's Moule Day lecture delivered by Canon Sarah Snyder and Professor David Ford.

Introduction: Be Reconcilers

Reconciliation is the healing of broken or wounded relationships, in honest recognition of past hurts. This offering is the result of searching for a wisdom of reconciliation that is deeply Christian in order to inspire the healing of relationships with God, with our neighbours, with our enemies, with ourselves, and with the whole of creation. As followers of Jesus Christ, who ‘is our peace’ (Ephesians 2:14), we are called to be people of peace and reconciliation, and to collaborate with others who also work for reconciliation. This is a call, in the face of violence, divisions, and conflicts, to act wisely together for the sake of reconciliation wherever it is needed.

To read on download the full document (pdf)

Canon Sarah Snyder with Professor David Ford