Cambridge Theological Federation launches eDiscover

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Cambridge Theological Federation launches eDiscover

The Cambridge Theological Federation has this week launched "eDiscover", a new fully searchable database of our growing collections of theological ebooks.

Students at Ridley and other institutions within the Cambridge Theological Federation (CTF) can find the new database on Hedwig or under the Students & Staff menu of this website.

eDiscover allows students to search over 430 titles by author, title, date and subject, and provides links directly to the full texts.

The new database is designed to deliver enhanced functionality and flexibility. Over time further e-books and other e-resources will be added to the database, together with new search options, including the ability to search by course module.

More about the CTF and its libraries

One of the distinctive features of Ridley Hall is our membership of the Cambridge Theological Federation, a visionary partnership for theological education.

Since it was first established in 1972 by Ridley and two other theological colleges in the city, the Federation has expanded to eleven members and continues to evolve as a living witness to the richness of the experience of the people of God.

Library resources are shared and co-ordinated across the Federation, allowing the development of specialised collections. Ridley students have use of eleven libraries, giving them access to:

  • Over 100,000 printed volumes
  • Over 60 current journals
  • Special denominational collections
  • Over 380,300 full texted e-journal articles

For more information, see our Federation Libraries page.

Students studying in Ridley's library