From Lament to Action

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From Lament to Action

Ridley Hall welcomes the report of the Anti-Racism Taskforce

April 22, 2021

The Church of England’s Anti-Racism Taskforce has today published it’s report, From Lament to Action.

The taskforce is co-chaired by Revd Arun Arora and Revd Sonia Barron. The Venerable Neil Warwick, Archdeacon of Bristol and alumnus of Ridley Hall, is a taskforce member. We give thanks for the diligent work of this group and look forward, with the wider Church, to implementing the report’s recommendations in order to play our part in bringing about a change of culture in the life of the Church of England.

The Principal of Ridley Hall, the Revd Dr Michael Volland said, 'I encourage all members of the Ridley community – present and past – to make a priority of reading and prayerfully reflecting on the report. As part of our ongoing commitment to moving towards anti-racism, during the Easter term staff and students will be discerning opportunities to discuss the report and its recommendations and we will be actively considering the implications for the life of the College.'

‘Racism has no place in the Church and where it exists and persists, our proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is significantly hindered. I would like to re-state our commitment as a College to recognising the sin of racism and, under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, to striving to take wise action at Ridley and in the various other contexts in which we each have influence to work towards change and to move towards God’s hopeful future for all people.'

‘As we read and reflect together, with a view to taking wise action, I invite you to join me in using the following prayer, written by Anderson Jeremiah, a member of the taskforce’.

Love incarnate,
Fountain of Mercy and Justice
In a world of inequity and pain
May our actions be our prayer.
We cry out for Shalom, fullness of life to all.
Let the Spirit of Truth guide us.
Let the Spirit of Love free us.
Give us the compassion, courage and resolve
to become the light, we seek
that many may see life and their dignity restored
Inspire us to embody a world without injustice and prejudice
Form us into channels of your love and peace
Let the river of justice and mercy flood our imperfect world
Quenching the thirst of parched souls and lands.
Abide in us o Liberator that we become the Word
so that the world may have Life, Life in all its abundance.

Click the image to download the report in full (opens in a new tab)
Click the image to download the report in full (opens in a new tab)