Holy Communion, Closed Churches and Social Distancing

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Holy Communion, Closed Churches and Social Distancing

By Michael Volland, Principal of Ridley

This term, like Christians across the globe, the (dispersed) Ridley Community have been worshipping together online. There has been a good deal of discussion both here and in the wider church about worship, and specifically Holy Communion. When we can’t be together physically how, if at all, can we follow Jesus’ command to break bread and share wine in remembrance of him?

To assist with our thinking I recently drafted a brief paper. It outlines some current approaches to Communion and offers questions to prompt deeper thinking. The paper also names the grief, pain and frustration that many Christians are feeling at being unable to participate in the Eucharist during this challenging season. It raises the possibility of seeing this as a time of fasting and prompts us to seek God and discern what He might be saying to the Church.

The paper is offered to alumni and supporters beyond the current student body. I trust it is helpful as you pray and reflect in your own church communities.

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