New online course in sports ministry: The Ridley Award

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New online course in sports ministry

1st May 2021

As part of Ridley Hall’s commitment to improving access to comprehensive theological education, we have today launched an innovative, online course in Sports Ministry, the first in a suite of Ridley Awards.

The Ridley Award in Sports Ministry

The Ridley Award is a new way of thinking about theological education which enables participants to engage in ministry training as they go about their everyday life, and in a way that suits their experiences and learning preferences.

At the same time, the Award maintains a strong underlying pedagogical process that delivers the transformative learning experience expected of training with Ridley Hall.

The Award utilises recent developments in Technology Enhanced Learning to provide an innovative and engaging learning experience that is delivered online but undertaken in the learners existing context. Developed in response to requests from international partners for an engaging, accessible, and purposeful, foundational ministry training package, the first Award is for those undertaking or thinking about sports ministry.

The Ridley Award in Sports Ministry is the first of many Awards to be rolled out in the future, covering additional areas of ministry and at both pre-degree and post-degree level.