Ridley Hall announces appointment of new Principal

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Ridley Hall announces appointment of new Principal

The Board of Trustees of Ridley Hall are delighted to announce that the Reverend Prebendary Dr Isabelle Hamley will be the new Principal to succeed the Reverend Dr Michael Volland.

Isabelle brings excellent academic credentials, a strong intellect and a national understanding of the Church of England to this role. She is known to be a superb preacher and teacher and a gifted biblical scholar with a deep evangelical foundation and a passion for scripture. She has strong pastoral skills which will be of great benefit to the Ridley Hall community and the Cambridge Theological Federation.

Isabelle combines parish experience, with theological teaching at both St John's College, Nottingham and Ridley Hall, and national experience through her work at Lambeth, the House of Bishops and as a recent chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

She is a well known speaker, and writer who is a regular contributor at conferences, diocesan events, bible weeks and TEIs on ministry and leadership. She is a regular presenter on Radio 4’s Thought for the Day and the Daily Service, including Sunday Worship.

Isabelle will take up the role of Principal in April 2024 in time for the Easter term.

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said of the appointment:

"Isabelle is a strategist of supreme and remarkable theological skills, a communicator of exceptional ability with a soft heart and great efficiency. I am so delighted she will be bringing the same gifts she shared with us to the next generation of ordinands at Ridley Hall.”

Isabelle Hamley said:

"I am really excited about joining Ridley Hall, and working with staff and trustees in shaping theological training for the next decade. I am looking forward to nurturing a community of people who love and want to follow Jesus, who pray and worship together daily and look out for ways to grow in faith, mission and ministry. It is a real privilege to be invited to take on this role."

Ridley’s Chair of Trustees, Mark Spelman, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Isabelle as the next Principal of Ridley Hall. We have been impressed by her ability to combine a strong academic track record with a passion for developing 21st Century Christian leaders. Her knowledge and understanding of the National Church and the needs of local parishes makes her an excellent choice to position Ridley Hall at the forefront of navigating the changing theological education landscape.”

Ridley Hall is an Anglican theological college in Cambridge, England. It offers residential and context-based formation for ordained ministry alongside training for youth, children and sports ministries for students from all Christian denominations and traditions. The college has a growing sabbatical refreshment programme and welcomes guests from around the world.