Ridley Hall pilot training for CYP as part of The Church of Englands 30k Project

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The Church of Englands 30K Project: To develop and support 30,000 new leaders of mission with children and young people (CYP).

This nationally funded project, chaired by the Bishop of Leicester, aims to bring about change by raising up 30,000 new children and youth leaders by 2030.

The Project Board are prioritising three workstreams: Firstly, the recruitment and formation of 3000 employed workers, secondly to develop and enhance support for existing workers and thirdly to develop pathways that support the discernment, recruitment and formation of 27,000 new volunteers.

Two pilots are now underway as part of the workstream to recruit 3000 employed workers. They have been designed to test new approaches to accredited training in children and youth ministry. The pilot at the Church Mission Society began in September 2023 whilst the pilot at Ridley Hall will commence in January 2023.

The Ridley Hall pilot aims to partner with 12 dioceses across the UK - find out more here.