The Refreshment Programme - What our guests say

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August 2022

The Refreshment Programme: What our guests say

Throughout the year the Ridley community is enriched by sabbatical guests living and working amongst us, bringing with them a wide variety of ministry experience. We asked guests who stayed with us over the past three terms: What did you most appreciate about your time spent at Ridley?

Ryan Adams (Michaelmas Term):

“Engaging with the staff and the ordinands, hearing their stories and talking about church and theology. It was inspiring to be surrounded by people hungry to serve the Lord. It was also affirming to me how passionate I am about the many topics covered in lectures.”

David Green (Lent Term):

“The warm welcome I received from the students and the staff. They made me extremely welcome and part of the life of the college.”

Angie Ward (Easter Term):

“The time away from my usual context. The beauty of the campus and of Cambridge. The opportunity to hear what God is doing in the Church outside of my little bubble. I have received clarity about my vocation and next steps. I was also encouraged by the kindness and enthusiasm of the Ridley staff/faculty/students.”

Scott Martin (Easter Term):

“My experience in Ridley’s Refreshment Program has been truly inspiring. I came to Ridley to reflect, regroup and grow in Christian faith after retiring from a 25-year career in investment management with PIMCO in Southern California in the U.S.

“Ridley has proven to be a welcoming community of Anglican faith, worship and learning that has exceeded my expectations. The program here is highly flexible and in my case has included just the right mix of unstructured quiet, personal time and more formal periods of theological and Biblical instruction. I’ve audited classes taught by the Cambridge Theological Federation, enjoyed one-on-one tutoring and thoughtful conversations with Ridley scholars and joined in the daily life and devotions of Ridley ordinands.

“All of these activities have been rewarding and stimulating. I will never forget my time here — I’ve loved every minute of it!”

Scott Martin, Refreshment Programme guest