Training at Ridley

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Why train for ordained ministry at Ridley Hall?

A transformational community

When you join the community here at Ridley Hall you will find yourself training among people who will become lifelong friends. Together with an excellent teaching and tutorial team, these friends will help you to discover more about the God who reveals himself to us in Jesus and more about the world, which we have been called by Jesus to witness to.

"Ridley Hall provides ministerial training for the world as it is and will be; not the world as it was 10, 20 or 30 years ago." Revd Rhiannon King, Archdeacon of Ipswich (Ridley 1997–2000)

Ridley Hall is known and respected for producing Christian leaders who are versatile, adaptable, rooted in scripture and theology and able to make strong connections between their theology and the ministries to which God is calling them.

The community is a stimulating and diverse group of people training on an exciting variety of pathways, including a ground-breaking context-based option.

Formation for ministry and mission

"Ridley Hall totally laid the foundation for everything I now do in the Middle East." Revd Canon Andrew White, Vicar of St George's, Baghdad (Ridley 1986–90)

Whether you expect to exercise your ordained ministry in a multi-parish rural benefice, a large urban church, as a school, prison, hospital or military chaplain, an ordained pioneer minister or future theological educator, you will find that your time at Ridley sharpens and shapes you and gives you the foundations you will need to sustain you for a lifetime of faithful and effective ordained leadership.

Ridley’s location in the heart of the city of Cambridge is a wonderful blessing to enjoy during your training. Cambridge is a lively gathering place for people from all over the world and has many churches engaged in mission and evangelism with whom you can expect to undertake placements that will prepare you for the realities of ministry.

A stimulating learning environment

Cambridge University is at the cutting edge of research that is addressing some of the most significant challenges of our time. This makes for a rich and stimulating learning environment and means that you will enjoy unprecedented access to spiritual, academic, social and sporting resources during your time at Ridley.

Fertile ground

The College community and our surrounding environment are fertile ground and will enable you to grow into your vocation to ordained ministry and help you to deepen your understanding of God’s particular calling for your life.

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