Potential Theological Educators

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Following a call to be a theological educator

Ridley Hall seeks to educate and form all its students for the ministries God is calling them to within the wider Church and the world. One of these callings for those training for ordination is to be a theological educator, one who exercises a significant gift of teaching in the service of the whole Church.

If you believe that you are being called to be a Theological Educator, you should discuss this with your DDO as part of your discernment process. If this seems the right calling for you, your Selection Process will recommend you for training as a Potential Theological Educator (PTE).

As an ordained minister, this gift might be exercised in a theological college, within a diocesan education programme, or in the chaplaincy of a university. Whatever the context, those called to this ministry are being asked to contribute to the life of the Church as scholarly theologians.

Following your vocation at Ridley

Ridley Hall has a long tradition of nurturing theological educators through its long-standing connections to the University of Cambridge and, more recently, its offering of the Common Awards through the University of Durham.

We count this a great privilege and so if you are discerning a call to be a theological educator, please contact our Tutor in Admissions for Ordinands, the Revd Dr Paul Weston. We would love to speak to you!

Revd Dr Paul Weston

Tutor in Admissions for Ordinands

01223 746589

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