The Cambridge Theological Federation

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The Cambridge Theological Federation

One of the distinctive features of Ridley Hall is our membership of the Cambridge Theological Federation, a visionary partnership for theological education.

Since it was first established in 1972 by Ridley and two other theological colleges in the city, the Federation has expanded to eleven members and continues to evolve as a living witness to the richness of the experience of the people of God.

Logo of the Cambridge Theological Federation

Shared teaching

With an increasing focus on the importance of denominations working together for the coming of God’s Kingdom, the challenges and opportunities of cooperation and ecumenical involvement are growing in significance. Our membership of the Federation enables students to prepare for this vital element of ministry, while remaining rooted in their own tradition.

Federation students at Ridley

Enriched training

Ridley’s students learn, socialise and worship together with fellow students from the institutions that comprise the Federation. Anglicans of different traditions, Methodists, Roman Catholics, United Reformed and Orthodox meet regularly for worship, in the lecture hall, over a meal and socially. Training at Ridley in this context opens up each student to the breadth of the wider Church, at the same time serving to sharpen their own perspectives in the face of divergent opinion.

Strength in partnership

Collaboration allows each institution to pool its teaching expertise, and together resource a wider range of course pathways than would otherwise be possible. Library resources are shared and co-ordinated across the Federation, allowing the development of specialised collections. Lecture rooms and other facilities in the Federation’s institutions are likewise made available across the Federation.

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