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Study with the Newbigin Centre

If you are looking to make a contribution to the challenges of mission in the contemporary, post-secular West, we would love to hear from you – please contact us.

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PhD, University of Cambridge

PhD, University of Cambridge

A doctoral research degree supervised in the world class Faculty of Divinity of the University of Cambridge.

Part-time study is only available to UK students. Admissions are through the Board of Graduate Studies but the Newbigin Centre can help you to formulate a research proposal for submission.

Applicants must have a Master's degree with marks of at least 67 per cent (or where appropriate a GPA of at least 3.8). Applicants who are currently taking the Faculty of Divinity's MPhil degree must achieve an overall average of at least 71 per cent and at least 71 per cent for their thesis.

MPhil/PhD, Anglia Ruskin University

MPhil/PhD, Anglia Ruskin University

A research degree supervised by staff of the Cambridge Theological Federation.

Applications should be made in the first instance to the Newbigin Centre at Ridley Hall and a suitable supervisor identified before the application can be submitted to the University. For more information about these awards please contact the Newbigin Centre Director, Dr Paul Weston.

MPhil/PhD, Lambeth Research Degrees Programme

MPhil/PhD, Lambeth Research Degrees Programme

An Anglican research programme through which the Archbishop of Canterbury awards postgraduate degrees in Theology at both MPhil and PhD level.

These degrees require the production of a thesis which, at MPhil level, makes a useful contribution to knowledge and may have elements that are worthy of publication and, at PhD level, is a work of original scholarship which makes a substantial contribution to the advancement of learning in the academic discipline, field of study or area of professional practice, and which may be publishable.

All students are required to work with one or more appointed supervisors and to follow an agreed programme of research training relevant and appropriate to their research aims and previous qualifications and experience.

The programme envisages part-time study but is normally flexible enough to permit full-time study, if circumstances require this. For more information see the Lambeth Research Degrees Programme.

PhD, Middlesex University via the Newbigin Centre and the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

PhD, Middlesex University

A route particularly appropriate for part-time students wishing to combine doctoral research with continuing ministry in a non-UK context.

The PhD is awarded by Middlesex University via the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies in partnership with the Newbigin Centre who will help with the preparation of a research proposal and the identification of suitable supervisors.

For more information about regulations and requirements see the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.

DProf (Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology)

DProf, Anglia Ruskin University

A research degree for those engaged in a practice context (e.g. church ministry or mission; chaplaincy; NGO; theological education).

This part-time research degree offered in partnership between the Newbigin Centre and Anglia Ruskin University involves the identification of a practice issue that can be investigated through academic research to doctoral level.

The aim of the degree is to make an impact on the practice context through the research undertaken. Its strength is its engagement in genuinely contextual theology and where appropriate, interdisciplinary work.

The degree can be taken entirely part time with a minimum of two visits to Cambridge each year, engagement in seminars (live or on the web) plus supervisions face to face or by Skype.

For overseas students it is possible to be resident in Cambridge for 18 months at the start of the programme if your practice context is willing to release you for that time. For further information, see the Cambridge Theological Federation.

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"The relativism which is not willing to speak about truth but only about ‘what is true for me’ is an evasion of the serious business of living. It is the mark of a tragic loss of nerve in our contemporary culture. It is a preliminary symptom of death." Lesslie Newbigin