Anne Aldridge

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The Reverend Anne Aldridge

Roles at Ridley:


When Anne is not in a meeting, you will find her door (at the foot of A staircase on the way to the library) open for callers – looking for a chat, prayer, a book or general help with something.

Having trained non-residentially, I find myself envious of those privileged to undertake training here at Ridley.   It provides an amazing place to grow spiritually, allowing formation to take place in a safe, loving and non-judgemental environment. There is a wonderful sense of community and sharing of journeys – the positive as well as the less positive.

As Chaplain Anne is responsible for planning and executing the annual Prayer weekend at Belsey Bridge, which is a wonderful gift for all first year students and their partners. Anne has a passion for prayer and this extends to helping others explore their own prayer life in a number of different ways – either individually, in triplets or corporately. She also encourages students in their spiritual and pastoral skills, running an 8-week course each year.

Anne AldridgeIn addition, she is part of the Simeon Community who meet regularly at Ridley to pray and have two quiet days in Advent and Lent.

Anne also coordinates the work with the children and families making sure their needs are taken into consideration and catered for in age appropriate ways. This includes working with the spouses group, organising an annual party for the children and the Ridley welcome event at the start of each new academic year.

Once called ‘Anne the Evangelist’ because all her friends became Christians after she did, she remains committed to sharing the Gospel in a low-key, non-threatening way which means she is always open to Fresh Expressions for this – she particularly loves Messy Church as it feeds this way of sharing the message.

Anne’s passion is travel as she loves to find out about different cultures (even though she hates flying!). She is also an avid reader and is so pleased to have a kindle because now she doesn't have to carry 10 books every time she travels!

Personal background

Anne was born in the RAF hospital at Ely, lived in 21 places by the time she was 21 and finally relocated back to Cambridgeshire (only 13 miles from Ely) in 1989. Trained originally as a teacher she became a Christian in her early 20s, was called to ordained ministry in her mid 30’s and was ordained in 1999 – in the cathedral only a stone’s throw from where she was born– it felt like coming home!. She completed her Curacy in a Parish near Cambridge, then moved to become Chaplain at Addenbrooke’s Hospital for nearly 9 years, after which Ridley Hall beckoned and she began there in 2011 as a Pastoral Tutor, followed by Chaplain in 2014.

Anne is married to Rob, they have four children, a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law and three adorable granddaughters. She loves nothing more than a good, noisy, family get–together (and if that is somewhere together in the sun so much the better!)

Anne’s aim in life is to write a novel.

Roles outside Ridley

Anne is currently on the Ely Diocesan Healing Advisory Group which offers training days and an annual service of Healing and Wholeness.

Anne is also still active in ministry at the church where she was the Curate.

During her time at the hospital, Anne served as the President of the College of HealthCare Chaplains for two years.


Research interests