Foundation Award

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The Foundation Award

Suitable for

The Foundation Award is suitable for students on the following programmes:

Length One year full time or two years part time
Assessment by Written assignments, Resource for Others, Theological Reflections and Portfolios (see the Assessment Framework
guidance on the Durham University website)
Awarded by Durham University (Common Awards)
Qualification Foundation Award
Taught by The Foundation Award offers a rich variety of subjects taught by a wide range of teachers. Many subjects are taught by teachers from across the Cambridge Theological Federation, including Ridley Hall, but some draw on the talents of people with specific practice expertise from outside the Federation.
Entry requirements

At least one A Level or equivalent. Many students who undertake the Foundation Award (Common Awards) have degrees in other subjects, but they may also be successfully undertaken by students without a degree. When we consider your application we look for evidence of your ability to benefit from and meet the academic demands of the course. In the case of mature candidates, relevant work experience may be considered in lieu of formal academic qualifications.

Students for whom English is a second language need an IELTS score of 6.5.

Further details Visit the Foundation Award page on the CTF website for more information.