Three-year courses for Ordinands

In common with other Anglican theological colleges we offer the new Common Awards in Theology, Ministry and Mission validated by Durham University. These courses are offered alongside the Cambridge University options.

Three-year Ministerial Theology Courses:

BA (Common Awards)

Ridley ordinandsA three-year course awarded by Durham University and taught by Federation tutorial staff. This is a full vocational degree in Christian theology which leads to ordination. It offers opportunities for independent study in the third year.

Bachelor of Arts in Theological and Religious Studies (BA Tripos) combined with a Graduate Diploma (Common Awards)

The Tripos degree is a two-year, full-time course awarded by the University of Cambridge and taught by the Divinity Faculty. It is appropriate for ordinands who want a more academic focus and who have completed a previous degree in another subject with a high 2:1 or better. It promotes learning through rigorous individual study and small group supervisions. Once completed, it is normally followed by the Graduate Diploma, a one-year course, awarded by the University of Durham and taught by Federation tutorial staff which completes the ordination requirements for a theology graduate. 

More details will be given on your interview day.  If you have questions in advance please contact the Director of Studies.