London Teaching Centre

Develop your calling in youth ministry by studying for a Cert HE Theology, Ministry and Mission (validated by Durham University) at our London Centre (youth ministry and/or children’s and family ministry specialism).


Studying at the London Centre provides an opportunity for you to engage in high quality practice-based theological training while living and working within London.

The course is offered full-time or part-time and requires students to attend Tuesday 10am-4pm during term time, where there will be a mix of formal lectures, group work and personal tutorials.

Successful completion of the Cert HE can either be a stand-alone qualification or provide access onto the Diploma and BA (Hons) taught at Ridley Hall.

At the end of your studies you will be presented with a certificate detailing your practice experience and confirming your ministerial specialism


Students are also required to be involved in a minimum of 100 practice hours a year in a relevant area of ministry.  This can be ministry you are already engaged with as a volunteer or paid worker.  Staff at the London centre can support you to find a relevant placement if required.

Student Support

As full students of Ridley Hall you have the same access to resources, staff and support as students studying on the Ridley Hall campus, as well as a dedicated Pastoral Tutor and dedicated teaching staff at The London Teaching Centre.

The support you receive is overseen by Robin Barden, Director of Studies (Lay Ministry), who is responsible for your academic studies and welfare throughout your time on the degree.
Supporting the Director of Studies are:

Learning Support

The nature of the support provided will be unique to you and your learning needs.

We provide support for a variety of learning needs including a free initial assessment where needed and termly study skill days at Ridley Hall.

Graduates consistently rate the support provided throughout their studies as excellent.

Lay Ministry at Ridley Hall provide a massive amount of support both pastorally and academically

2nd Year Student

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff at The London Teaching Centre are qualified to MA and PhD level in youth and children’s work, with a range of publications between them on this area of ministry.


You are full students of Ridley Hall and have access to all the resources, staff and support provided by Ridley Hall and The Cambridge Theological Federation at all times.

As students of Ridley Hall you are free to visit Ridley Hall at any time and have access to all communal rooms including the Ridley Hall Library.